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1 Union St
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009

02 9518 4984

Star Medics. A skin care made by doctors. A skin care the delivers on promises of heathy and rejuvenated skin.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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Star Medics Shop

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Who is it that makes your skin care?

It is more than likely it is made by a large cosmetics company or expensive label that is more interested in profit, that customer results. As doctors,we felt our patients deserve better products than the ones we were able to source. So we decided to create our own. After a long and careful collaboration of doctors, formulation scientists and beauty experts Star Medics was born. You deserve the very best in skin care.

Proper Skin Care For Your Face

When you want to take care of your skin, you need to make sure that you are investing the proper skin care regimen. There are many ways to care for your skin, and you need to be sure that you are using something that matches your skin tone, color and consistency.


When people have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, they need to be sure that they are using products that are made just for their face. People with dry skin need to use the right creams and moisturizers to keep their skin moist. People will oily skin need to use products that help to get rid of oil and blemishes. People with combination skin need to be careful to get products are made just for their sensitive skin.

Night Or Day

When people are using creams in the daytime and nighttime, they will be able to care for their easily. Someone who wears a day cream will be able to keep their skin moist during the day. If you choose to wear a night cream, your face is going to be moisturized when you are sleeping. These choices need to be made based on your lifestyle, skin care needs and the price of the products.

Sun Protection

Every woman needs to wear cosmetics that have skin care protection built in. These sun creams are much more effective when they are buried in makeup because they can be worn every day. You can protect your skin from the sun regardless of where you go, and you will not have to smell like traditional sun creams.

The best way for a woman to care for her skin is to use the right regimen. When a woman follows the steps above, she will be able to make her skin look fresh, youthful and soft.