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1 Union St
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009

02 9518 4984

Star Medics. A skin care made by doctors. A skin care the delivers on promises of heathy and rejuvenated skin.

Gentle Cleanser

Gentle Cleanser: Low/no irritance Soap free cleanser made from coconut and sugar. Also with soothing botanicals: Including Aloe Vera, Lavender, Rose, Soy extract and Orchid

Active Cleanser

Cleanser for daily use. Non-ionic surfactant – cleanses the skin without drying. Alpha Hydroxy & Beta Hydoxy Acids exfoliate the skin, promote newer smoother skin and minimise pore blockage.

Evening Serum

Alpha and Poly Hydroxy acid based serum. Exfoliates the skin resulting in improved moisture retention, a smoother more even skin tone and smaller pore size.

Night Cream

Retinal (a.k.a. Retinaldehyde) improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces skin roughness and lightens the appearance of the skin. Niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin barrier function

Day Cream

Zinc Oxide based inorganic sun screen reflects broad range of UV rays. Botanicals including Jojoba, Saffron, Lavender and Rose soothe and moisturise the skin

Morning Serum

Serum with Ascorbic Acid and Tocopherol (Vitamin C & E ) anti oxidants. Scavenges free radicals, reducing and partly reversing the visible signs of skin aging particularly from the sun.

Collagen Repair

Non retinoid moisturising cream. For day or night use on dry irritated or inflamed skin. Safe for use during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.