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Star Medics. A skin care made by doctors. A skin care the delivers on promises of heathy and rejuvenated skin.


Mariusz Gajewski

Picture this! The skin stands as your colossal organ, and rests away from the mere    definition of that of being interpreted as just a “covering” which exists on your body, all said and done, your skin is that intricate system made up of parts that reads in the order of nerves, followed by glands as well as the cell layers that play an instrumental and catalyst like role with regard to your health.

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As a matter of fact, to take this further, healthy skin not only goes on to role essay as a buffer of sorts that helps shield your body from that of harsh and extreme temperatures as well as chemicals, it also tends to produce what are antibacterial substances to be able to guard you from infection at the offing besides enabling your body to be able to produce the quintessentially required vitamin D whenever exposed to the ravages of the sun. 

This goes by without saying that the skin happens to be also thickly and densely packed with that of nerve cells which from their part act as what may be termed as messengers leading to your brain, thus making your skin a an integral and pivotal part of your exchanges and interactions with that of the world surrounding you.

Inevitably enough, owing to these good factors, taking proper care of your skin is of utmost importance in the priority list, and will also help maintain your skin's appearance to stay soft, supple and glowing, rather than ending up prematurely wrinkled or rough too. 


General Skin Care Myths that Abound:

All said and done, some of the widely held pseudo truths or neo facts as regards maintaining proper skin care stand actually as myths. Among the most flagrant and exaggerated instances read in the order as, viz:


  • Behold Son! The Sun Must Be Avoided At All Costs!

Availing safe exposure sourced from that of the Sun and that too every day actually shapes up as one of the Paramount actions you can happen to subscribe with regard to your health, as following this regime ensures that this way your body tends to produce adequate as well as the quintessential vitamin D, which is hailed to be able to provide protection against that of cancer (melanoma coming into play here) besides supporting your immune system, followed by the cardiovascular system, kidney function, bones as well as teeth, muscle strength and beyond. 

Even though excess of the sun exposure, as for result getting sunburned, can certainly go on to damage your skin's vitality, reasonable exposure to the sun stands not only as quite healthy an act in itself, it’s primarily speaking a basic milestone to be tread in reaching the milestone of what will be optimal health, of course!

The skin area around your eyes and your face is characteristically and comparatively much thinner than that of other areas on your body and goes on to stand as a relatively smaller surface area so obviously will not go on to contribute considerably to the process of vitamin D production. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go on to protect this very fragile area pertaining to that of your body, for the reason that it stands at a bigger peril and risk for what will be resulting in cosmetic photo damage coupled with premature wrinkling. Here in this space, that is, you can very well make use of a safe sunblock in the said area or for that matter sport a cap that tends to keep your precious eyes in that of the shade.


  • The Fetishes Of Tanning Must Be Halted At Will!

Taking the fact of sorts for granted that you religiously make use of sensible exposure and duck yourself from getting burned as some roasted chicken, reasonable and sensible tanning the “old - school” manner (i.e. lazing out in the sun) is ideally acceptable. Embarking on the initial days, you should try and limit the degree of your exposure to that of the sun to be able to prepare the ground for, what are actually your body's melanocyte cells to kick-start the sheer ability to produce protective pigmentation that not only goes on to lend you a tan, but then again also happens to protect you against the perils involving overexposure to that of the sun. 

Go figure! If you arrive to the fore as that fairly light-skinned individual who has the tendency up his or hers sleeve to burn, then you will naturally want to limit your initial exposure to that of a few minutes, more so when in the middle of scorching and brazen summer time. 

The ratio somewhat stands that- the more tanned your skin will become, and/or the more tanned you want to become ( Indulging your sensibilities, aesthetics and will!) the longer hours of duration you can actually happen to stay in the sun. Also! Mind You! If it is quite early or for that matter late in the season and/or you come to the fore as a dark-skinned individual, you could in most likelihood be braced and graced with that of 30 minutes approx on your exposure, first time, that is. If you stand deeply pigmented and your extended and immediate ancestors hail from that of the landscape of Africa, followed by places as India or for that matter, the Middle East, even, it stands quite possible that you may not even have to pause and worry a wee tad bit regardless of the fact that - for how long you are exposed to those brazen rays?

To be able to remain on the side of caution, and let it be your paramount to do list, On the sheer risk of sounding preachy enough! never ever get sun burned, while also shielding the sensitive skin around that of your eyes and face, as stands elucidated above.


  • Beep! Beep! What Did You Say? Sunless Themed Tanning Lotions And Sprays Carries Your Skin in Good Stead?

Sunless tanners go on to contain a detailed and all expansive listing order of that of chemical agents — approximately up to 45 in terms of spray tanners. A lot many of these very agents have never ever been expertly studied and scrutinized for their long-term after effects on the yardsticks and parameters of human health, owing to the reason that the U.S. based Food and Drug Administration does not systematically happens to review the safety as regards personal care products. 

It is worthwhile to know indeed that one of the Key ingredients in spray tanning solutions happens to be dihydroxyacetone, which is but a color additive that goes on to darken your skin by way of reacting with that of amino acids in your skin's surface layer. On the offshore, Dihydroxyacetone often stands abbreviated and for the shortened DHA (which however should not be confused with that of docosahexaenoic acid, which is nothing but the healthy omega-3 fat often lent the same abbreviation). 

The Makers of sunless tanning products claim their way to fame by stating the fact that DHA is but a simple carbohydrate sugar solution, but then again some toxicologists disagree in this space. It is to be understood that part of the issues that stands here is that the U.S. government's regulations for DHA allow contaminants reading in the order as lead, followed by arsenic as well as mercury. Additionally, a report released by that of the National Toxicology Program goes on to suggest that the perilous risks of DHA remain ambiguous as of yet, pinpointing and highlighting to some evidence that DHA may be a mutagen that could further induce breaks in the DNA strands, which could finally contribute towards accelerated aging and for that matter skin cancer, even.


  • Eh? The Ratio On The Wall Reads More The SPF Of Your Fancied Sunscreen, The way Better It Is?

It’s largely unimportant a deal to be able to purchase sunscreen which arrives with that of sun protection factor (SPF) higher than 50. Precious User, the reason for this is because even though SPF works by a triumvirate of ways in the order of absorbing, followed by reflecting or for that matter, scattering the sun's brazen rays on your skin, its protective ability however does not not linear and does not offer the augmented  protection in cases of higher levels. 

Following SPF, another crucial factor worthwhile remembering here is that SPF solely shields against the otherwise infamous UVB rays, which are nothing but the rays within the ultraviolet spectrum that actually allows your body to be able to produce enough vitamin D in your skin. But having said that, the most jeopardizing beams of ray, as far as causing skin damage and cancer is concerned happens to be the UVA rays. Yes! Which is why you always wish to be rest assured of the fact that any sunscreen you tend to buy guards against UVA's along-with UVB's … and does not even by the slightest chance happen to contain any of the common toxic ingredients, as for instance  oxybenzone or for that matter, retinyl palmitate.


  • No Red Herring At All! For The Melange Of Skin Care Products Available In The Market Stand Safe!

Well this certainly needs no introduction in itself as it comes across as the Prerogative of a Careless consumer! One certainly needs to be equipped with better knowledge of cosmetics before actually taking the ingredients they happen to contain for granted! Beloved User!